BRoW4 often attend local craft fairs, and we are very lucky to have volunteers that create items for us to sell on a regular basis. We know, however, that not everyone can attend these craft fairs, so we thought we'd post them here, and on our facebook page, to give you another opportunity to find a unique gift for that special someone.

If you see something on here that you like, please email with the item name and your offer (the price shown is a suggested price), and if you're able to, attach a picture too so that we can make sure we send you the correct item!

Postage costs will be added to the shown price should you wish an item to be delivered to you and will vary according the the item size/posting method, or you can arrange to collect.

Adult Hat & Scarf set - £10.00

Adult & Teenager Hat Set - £10.00

"3 In the Bed" - please not that this is not a toy! - £10.00

Hedgehog - Please not that this is not a toy! - £5.00

Quilted Baby Blanket - £25.00

Crochet Blanket - £20.00

Sewing Patterns (4 available) - £2.50

Elephant Pin Cushion - £6.00

Christmas Gnomes - please note that these are not toys! - £20.00

Craft Bags (3 available) - £15.00