Coronavirus Update

Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that BRoW4's Family Funfest for the Air Ambulances event has been cancelled for 2020, yet now more than ever the UK's air ambulances need our support. They receive no money from the Government or the National Lottery, and rely on donations from members of the public to continue to operate. We want to help them at such a crucial time, despite the event being cancelled!

One of BRoW4's amazing sponsors (Wez Clarke) has stepped in to help us, and will be holding virtual quizzes fortnightly to help us raise funds. It will cost £2.00 per person to register, which must be paid a minimum of 1 hour before the quiz is due to start. You can get full details on our facebook page of how to enter and when the quizzes are being held.

You never know if you might be in need of an air ambulance, especially during this pandemic, so please take part and help us to help them!

Thank you!

You can pay your team's registration fee here.

Welcome to BRoW4's website!

BRoW4 is a non-charity fundraising group, made up entirely of volunteers. We attend local community events to raise funds that then enable us to host a big family fun fest that raises money for air ambulance charities across the UK. The services the air ambulances provide are so important, and yet they receive no Government or Lottery funding, so every penny we can raise to help them makes such a difference!

BRoW4 stands for Bike, Run or Walk with or without your 4-legged friends, and sums up what people can do at our event at Ferry Meadows to help us raise even more money for the air ambulances. To find out more about this, please take a look at our Ferry Meadows 2020 page.

Here on our website we regularly post updates on the Ferry Meadows 2020 page, let you know about the events we are attending on our Diary page, and tell you where we have been in our newsletters. You can also find out about how the Ferry Meadows event went last year, who supports us, and how you can help. Be sure to bookmark us to keep up to date!

We also post regularly on facebook and have a twitter account, so please do follow us on these too, as we use our social media platforms to help spread information about our Family Fun Fest event far and wide. You can help us to reach an even wider audience by sharing our posts and inviting your friends along to our event - it really does make a difference and is a huge help!