Bike Run or Walk with or without a 4-legged Friend

Welcome to BRoW4 CIC's website!

BRoW4 CIC is a non-charity fundraising group, made up entirely of volunteers. We attend local community events to raise funds that then enable us to host a big family fun fest that raises money for air ambulance charities across the UK. The services the air ambulances provide are so important, and yet they receive no Government or Lottery funding, so every penny we can raise to help them makes such a difference!

BRoW4 CIC stands for Bike, Run or Walk with or without your 4-legged friends Community  Interest Company, and sums up what people can do at our event at Ferry Meadows to help us raise even more money for the air ambulances. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that we had to cancel our 2020 Family Fun Fest, but this has just made our volunteers more determined to do an even better job for 2021's event. We have many things in the pipeline for it, and as soon as we can we will post updates both here on our website and on our facebook page. If you'd like to see what we achieved in 2019, then please take a look here!

One thing that we can definitely tell you about is a new sponsor! Don't Panic Promotions is a Cambridgeshire events management business with a twist. The team there have a simple mission, to bring the community in which we work and live together, and to ensure that every step taken is for the benefit of those around us. Every year they work with small local charities and fundraising groups to not only make donations, but to support them in achieving their goals. We are very proud to announce that BRoW4 CIC is now one of those fundraising groups! We can't wait to work with the team to raise some more vital funds for the air ambulances across the UK!



We also post regularly on facebook and have a twitter account, so please do follow us on these too, as we use our social media platforms to help spread information about our Family Fun Fest event far and wide. You can help us to reach an even wider audience by sharing our posts and inviting your friends along to our event - it really does make a difference and is a huge help!