FAQ’s for stallholders attending BRoW4 Events

Risk Assessment & Safety Procedures for all Stall Holders

 Stall holders are to ensure all stalls, gazebos and any other equipment is in a  safe condition, and used for its intended purpose only. Gazebos are to be securely anchored at all times.

In the event of high winds, stall holders are to ensure objects will not fly off the stalls, becoming a hazard to the general public

Stall holders supervising games are to ensure adequate safety  equipment and procedures are in place to prevent danger to the public.

Providers of inflatable equipment, rides and attractions are to ensure all equipment is maintained in a safe condition. Safety control management of the equipment must be in place. Generators are to be situated in safe areas, preventing access by the public.

Stall holders are to report any hazards that arise during the event to the volunteers who will be wearing yellow  Hi-Viz Vests.

Stall holders are responsible for keeping their area tidy and free from rubbish and litter at all times.

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