My name is Anna and I am the founder of BRoW4, a non-profit volunteer run fundraising group. We organise events where people can choose to Bike Run or Walk with or without their 4-legged friends and help raise money for air ambulance charities across the UK, which surprisingly receive no funding from the Government or from the National Lottery.

BRoW was created in 2014, as a result of my being a volunteer for the MAGPAS air ambulance charity. I helped to organise coffee mornings and other events to raise funds and awareness for the charity, and then came up with the idea of a Bike Run or Walk event, with two possible distances of 5km and 8km. This took place on Saturday 25th June 2015 at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. We repeated the event in 2016, and added a 12km option as well as allowing dogs too.

In order to advertise the 2016 event as much as possible, I went to Ferry Meadows with flyers to hand out to people before the event. Many said that they did not live in the area, or that they supported other air ambulance charities. That got me thinking, and so I decided to open up the event to support all UK air ambulance charities in 2017. The 4 was also added to BRoW so that the dogs were included in the name, as I am myself a dog owner and couldn't imagine life without my 4-legged friends!

Since 2017 the event has got bigger and better, and in 2019 we decided to add live music to the event for the first time. You can read all about our 2019 event here! We're now busy working hard on 2021's event, and we're regularly posting updates on our facebook pages and here on our website, so please do follow us for the latest news.

BRoW4 has also raised money for other non-Government or National Lottery funded charities in the past - the RNLI, the Dog's Trust, Canine Partners, Therapy Dogs Nationwide and Medical Detection Dogs. Unfortunately, with the event at Ferry Meadows growing, we no longer have enough time or resources to help all of the charities, and so we are focusing on the air ambulance charities as this event was what started the ball rolling. However, we are very proud to have been able to have helped others! In total, BRoW4 has managed to raise over £10,000 so far!

In order for BRoW4 to hold the Ferry Meadows event, we need to fundraise to cover costs such as the use of the field, our public liability insurance, admin costs and many more! We do this by attending other events in the local community, where we have a few games or some handmade craft items that we sell. These events also help us to spread the word about who we are and what we do and to advertise our own event. If you'd like to come along and meet us, you can find out where we will be on our Diary page. We also advertise on local radio stations, and you can hear Anna's latest interview on HCRfm below.