Privacy Policy




When you contact us

The information that you provide (personal information such as name, address, email address, phone  number, organisation) will be processed and stored to enable us to contact you and respond to your correspondence, provide information and/or access our services and facilities. Your personal information will not be shared or provided to any other third party.


BRoW4 CICs right to process information

General Data Protection Regulations Article 6 (1) (a) (b) and (e)

Processing is with the consent of the data subject, or

Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation, or

Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller


Information security

BRoW4 CIC has a duty to ensure the security of personal data. We make sure that your information is protected from unauthorised access, loss, manipulation, falsification, destruction or unauthorised disclosure. This is done through appropriate technical measures and appropriate policies. Copies of these policies can be requested.


We will only keep your data for the purpose it was collected and only for as long as is necessary, after which time it will be deleted. You may request the deletion of your data held by BRoW4 CIC at any time).



We will not process any data relating to a child (under 13) without the express parental/guardian consent of the child concerned.


Access to information

You have the right to request access to the information we have on you. You can do this by contacting our founder Anna Dutton:

Email –

Tel – 07828 471738


Information correction

If you believe that the information we have about you is incorrect, you may contact us so that we can update it and keep your data accurate. Please contact Anna Dutton at to request such a change.


Information deletion

If you wish BRoW4 CIC to delete the information about you, please contact Anna Dutton at to request this.


Right to object

If you believe that your data is not being processed for the purpose for which it has been collected, you may object. Please contact Anna Dutton at to object.


Rights related to automated decision making and profiling

BRoW4 CIC does not use any form of automated decision making or the profiling of individual personal data.



In accordance with the law, we only collect a limited amount of information about you that is necessary for correspondence, information and service provision. We do not use profiling, we do not sell or pass on your information to third parties. We do not use your data for purposes other than those specified. We make sure your data is stored securely. We delete all information deemed to be no longer necessary. We constantly review our Privacy Policy to keep it up to date in protecting your data. You can request a copy of our policy at any time.



If you have a complaint about the way in which your personal data has been processed, you may make a complaint to Anna Dutton at, and the Information Commissioners Office at any time.

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