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BRoW4 CIC Family Fun Fest for the Air Ambulances, at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, Saturday 10th July 2021


Saturday 10th July 2021 is 6th year that BRoW4 CIC will be holding this fantastic Family Funfest for the Air Ambulances  at Ferry Meadows Peterborough. The aim of this event is to bring the community together and have fun, meet new people and help raise money for the non-government or national lottery funded air ambulances. We will be having stalls selling all sorts of items, children's entertainment, food and drink stalls, and more! We have live music at this event which will entertain the young and the more mature, so bring a blanket and some chairs, buy a burger or a pint of beer or some other refreshment as there will be lots to chose from our catering section. and enjoy the music.

If you'd like to know more about this event, keep reading!

We have a list of frequently asked questions from anyone wishing come along,  a stall holder form if you'd like to have a stall at this event. A registration to take part in the Bike Run or Walk 4 your air ambulance or you might be interested in  sponsoring  BRoW4 CIC and/or this event.

We will also be updating this page frequently to show those stalls and entertainment that we have already confirmed , plus the companies who will be sponsoring this event- so please do come back and check here regularly!

Thinking of taking part?

Our family fun day for the air ambulances raises money for air ambulances across England.

The event opens to the public at 11am, and our first live performance on the stage starts at 11am. Our event finishes at 5:00pm, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the atmosphere, the stalls, the children's entertainment, the food and the wide variety of music! Why not make a day of it and bring along seats or a blanket?

If you'd like to raise money for an air ambulance charity that's close to your heart, then why not register to Bike, Run or Walk (with or without your 4-legged friend) around Ferry Meadows? There are three tracks, 12km for those biking, 8km for those running and 5km for those walking. The walking route is paved, so it's suitable for prams and wheelchairs too. There are plenty of places to stop and admire the view, and it isn't a race. If you'd like to do this, then please click the middle of the three images below, and you'll have a new window open up where you can register online, or you can print a copy of the image and return it in the post or email it to anna@brow4.com if you prefer.

If you'd like a stall at the event, then please print a copy of the third image and return it in the post to the address shown on the form, or email it to anna@brow4.com.


These are the various acts that will be performing throughout the day. Please note that this list is subject to change, and performance times will be added nearer the date of the event.



Aud and Stevie B


Miscellaneous Band


Dunne and Rusted

Pagan Gould

Stall Holders

This is a list of the stalls that have already confirmed that they will be at this event. Keep checking as we will  be adding more!










Want to know more, or have a form you'd like to send to us?

Please email any stall holder queries or paperwork to anna@brow4.com, with a subject of "Stall holder", or you can call Anna on 07828 471738. For any other queries, please email anna@brow4.com

Would you like to be a volunteer or a marshal at this event? Then please read Duties of volunteers then email me anna@brow4.com

We are always looking for sponsors for this event?,  if the answer is yes, your flag or banner will be placed on the field so that everyone can see your company logo, and you will get regular mentions on all social media and here on the website. email anna@brow4.com


Q. Is there parking available? 

There is parking available, and charges apply as follows:

Charges apply to all vehicles, all day, every day. The car park is monitored by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), managed by Park Indigo.

Peak times 8am – 8pm (all year round)

Standard tariff

Tariff band Tariff
Up to 1 hour £1.80
1 to 1.5 hours £2.30
1.5 to 2 hours £2.90
2 to 2.5 hours £3.50
2.5 to 3 hours £4.10
3 to 3.5 hours £4.60
3.5 to 4 hours £5.30
Over 4 hours £5.80

Off peak times 8pm - 8am (all year round)
60p per hour
Grace period 20 minutes

Q. Is there any way I can raise money for the air ambulance of my choice?

Yes! Simply click the middle of the three images in the section "Thinking of taking part?" above, and you'll have a new window open up where you can register online, or you can print a copy of the image and return it in the post or email it to anna@brow4.com if you prefer.

Q. Can I get to Ferry Meadows by public transport?

There is no bus service into Ferry Meadows Country Park itself, but it is only a few minutes walk from bus stops in Orton Wistow or on Oundle Road. There are two options:

Option 1 - Catch the Stagecoach Citi 1 bus to Orton Wistow (Ferryview), which is the first stop in Orton Wistow. When you alight, cross the road and continue in the same direction as the bus. Past the next junction, there is a path through the trees. Follow this and then take the right hand path when it splits. This will bring you out to the level crossing at Ferry Meadows station. Cross the railway to reach the park. To get back to Peterborough, simply retrace your steps and catch the bus in the same place that you got off, as the bus route is a large circle. This route takes longer than option 2, but is a more frequent service, and will take you a little closer to Ferry Meadows.

Option 2 - Catch the Stagecoach service X4 from Bay 15 at the bus station inside Queensgate Shopping Centre. Go two stops past Orton Mere and get off at Cherry Orton Road, just before Notcutts. Cross the road, and walk along Ham Lane from the roundabout to Ferry Meadows. To return to Peterborough, retrace your steps and the bus will depart from the stop on the same side of the road as Notcutts.


We would really appreciate if you can help with suppling, donating, or helping to fund any of the following:

The Hiring of Ferry Meadows Unticked tickbox
Public Liability Insurance Unticked tickbox
Temporary Event Notice Unticked tickbox
Refuse Bins Unticked tickbox
Black Rubbish Bags Unticked tickbox
Refuse grabbers Unticked tickbox
Protective gloves small medium large extra-large Unticked tickbox
Stage or lorry that can be used as a stage Unticked tickbox
Generators Unticked tickbox
PA Monitors and sound system equipment Unticked tickbox
Steps for everyone to gain entry to the lorry Unticked tickbox
Railings to in front of the lorry Unticked tickbox
Marquee Unticked tickbox
Tables Unticked tickbox
Chairs Unticked tickboxx
First Aid Unticked tickbox
Security Unticked tickbox
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