Duties of volunteers for the Ferry Meadows Funfest


All volunteers will be required to do a 3-hour shift.

07.00 – 10.00

10.00 – 13.00

13.00 – 16.00

16.00 – 20.00 or finish whichever is the earlier.

Staff room

We have a ‘staff room’ situated at the back of the lorry/stage. Refreshments are provided free for all helpers and stage team; we do not provide burgers or ice cream.


To help set up the event and to help close the event.

Helping stalls holders set up their gazebos and empty their vehicles of everything that is needed within the gazebo. The vehicles need to be off the grass as fast as possible, stall holders can NOT set up the inside of the gazebo before their car is moved. All movement of vehicles must be accompanied by a volunteer walking in front of it with the hazard lights flashing.

Litter management

Volunteers will be required to always maintain the cleanliness of the field, grabbers and bags will be provided, but more grabbers are needed. Carry a collection tin whilst you are collecting rubbish as guests might put money in the tin for the air ambulances. There will be big red bins from Biffa, for all full black back to be placed in.

Support stall holders

To look after the stall holders, as they are our paying guests. Ask the stall holder if they require a drink or need the bathroom, the stall holder pays for their drink , if the stall holder needs to go to the bathroom, make sure they take their money, the volunteer must stand in front  or to the side of the stall, as you are not insured to be behind the stall but you are looking after the safety of the stall, also tell prospective customers that the stall holder will be back soon.

Covid-19 precautions

Each stall will have a pump bottle of hand sanitiser, these will need to be replenished throughout the day.

Each stall will have a black bag sellotaped to the front right leg. please check through out the day that they are not too full.

Family support

Every child’s parent will be asked if the child can have a wrist band placed on them with the parent’s mobile number, just in case the child gets separated from the parent and we can phone the parent that we have their child.

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