Our Aim

Last year we ran a small event to bring people together post pandemic. There was a great response from the community and the desire to replicate the success; however, since last year all the prices have increased, and it is not viable to run without external funding. We want to bring together around 2000 residents to have a shared experience in an area that has low engagement; aspirations; and is high in deprivation. We want to use the funding to ensure we can bring the community together; a community hit hard by the cost of living and energy crisis and give something positive to look forward to. The event will involve the community in the planning and prep for the event; allowing the community voice to shape what takes place. Other community organisations will be invited to take part; giving them a platform to showcase their offering; plus, the wider community to engage in several support services that are on offer. We found from the past; that by holding such an event; it boosted community spirit and increased wellbeing within the locale. We want to replicate that and give all generations in the area (and beyond) a positive experience. The event will consist of music; performance; community stalls; demonstrations and more.


We want to bring people together; showcase services and providers in the area; and develop a social connection among the community. The second priority fits with our project as we are working in an ‘unloved’ area; one in which people are taught it is the ‘wrong side of the tracks.’ Through positive engagement with events like ours, we want to develop the area’s reputation and build people’s pride in where they live. Last year’s event was the start and the desire to run it again shows we are making progress to that effect but there is work still to be done. People should be proud of where they live – it increases their well-being and promotes positive mental health. In creating our project; the community and its needs have been at the heart of our development. We have consulted with the town Mayor; local charities; the army; residents; and other community groups. In total, these groups represent around 180 residents. We aim to use the event to showcase the best the area has to offer; to give groups; organisations; and schools a platform to demonstrate their services; skills; and provision; with a focus on advice and aid relating to support for cost of living; energy and food price increases. There is also a desire in the community to ensure that this area of land is used for events that benefit residents. By holding events such as these it keeps the land viable and will protect it from housing development.

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