BRoW4 is run entirely by volunteers, and we thought that it was time that you found out a bit more about the team, and also how you could become a volunteer yourself!


Anna Dutton

Anna is our Founder, and it's Anna who attends the local community events, as well as organising the Family FunFest. Sounds simple, but that involves many many phone calls and spreadsheets to keep track of who is going to be where and when, plus keeping people on facebook, twitter etc up to date on what's happening!



George Dutton

George is Anna's husband, and each year he helps to mark out the routes around Ferry Meadows for the participants, builds the barriers and steps around the stage, puts up signs and more. He also tests out our face painters to make sure that they are friendly!



Jo Harvey 

Jo is BRoW4's treasurer and webmaster, though she also attends some events to lend Anna a hand when her children allow her a rare day off over a weekend! She also prepares BRoW4's newsletters and supports Anna in her work in organising the Family FunFest.

Tatyana Galaychuk & Hazel Gough

Tatyana and Hazel are volunteers at our Family FunFest event each year, and Tatyana is seen here awarding one of our participants with a certificate. Behind, you can see Hazel, who is busy manning BRoW4's gazebo!



Ian Robinson

Ian is one of our photographers at our Family Funfest every year (we do love as many photos as possible!), and very kindly provided us with our start/finish banner for those who Bike, Run or Walk around Ferry Meadows. He also lends a hand with whatever else is needed on the day, including checking our food stalls are up to scratch!



Marcin Karpinski

Marcin is the owner of the lorry that we use for the stage at our Family Funfest, and also helps with setting up the stage barriers and steps, putting up banners and any other job that's needed!



Rachel Hobbs

Rachel often helps Anna at community events, and nothing makes her happier than selling cakes that she makes on BRoW4's behalf. We have to confess that her bakes are rather scrummy!



Lesley Geere Schutze

Lesley has helped Anna at a few community events, but is mostly to be found working behind the scenes preparing jars, teddies and tombola items ready for these events. She was the lucky volunteer helping out Anna when Warwick Davis paid a visit to our stall - who will you meet if you volunteer?





BRoW4 would love to expand it's volunteer team - whether it's an hour a week on admin or helping out at events in the local community, we would welcome you on board! If you're interested, please do drop Anna an email at anna@brow4.com! Many hands make light work, and together we can all make sure that BRoW4 goes from strength to strength.


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