Huntingdon Carnival 2021

Huntingdon Carnival 2021

Over the years, I have always been excited about attending other people’s events.

Huntingdon Carnival is one of them. This year the event took place on Saturday August 7th 2021, at the Riverside Park with the carnival processions starting at the Market Square in Huntingdon. Walking along Princess Street, to attire at the Riverside Park at just after 1pm.

I was lucky to be in the best position to see and capture them coming on the field, the atmosphere was out of this world.

I am thankful to the Huntingdon and District Branch Royal Navy Association for giving me a hand erecting the gazebo, I had forgotten how heavy it was, I am so used to getting everting ready before the volunteers come to man the stall.

On this occasion, sadly no BRoW4CIC volunteers were available to lend a hand due to other commitments but I was grateful that Dawn Norris and Brigette Peck came when did as there were lots of children wanting to have a go a winning a teddy or hopefully wining the contents of a jar via a tombola. They only stayed for a short while, but it was gratefully appreciated. Reinforcements came in the guise of elder Jared Bachelder and Bryan Coloma both from the Huntingdon Ward of the Jesus Christ Later-day saints. Both the elders stayed with me for a further two hours and then had to leave due to other commitments.

A lovely lady called Rita asked if she could help me, as she noticed I was on my own. Her help was truly amazing, her laughter and smiles with the children was outstanding, we nearly ran out of teddies when the heavens started to open.

During the event there was dancing and displays from different dance troops, music for everyone to enjoy and lots to entertain the children. the funfair was a winner with lots of children and the child within us.

It was a wonderful day for all those who attended.

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