How you can help BRoW4 CIC

Over the past few years, we have been attending events to help raise money not only for ourselves so that we can continue to organise these amazing events, but for the charities that we support.

A lot of charities are now asking for you help financially. Every pound helps them to continue the good work they do.

As a non-profit fundraising group we are not asking for your money, though it would help. We are asking you too join easy fundraising and support BroW4 CIC. This is a free service that you need to log onto, the benefits for us is that there are over 4,500 retailers for you to chose from and we would get a percentage from these retailers at no extra cost to you. It so easy to do. So far, our supporters have raised, excess of £172.00 so a huge thank you to all our supporters.

We have also opened an Amazon Wish List. These are items that we regular need for our events and desperately need your help in getting these items to us. If you are ale to help in any way, we will be very grateful.

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