What have BRoW4 been up to lately

BRoW4 is a non-profit, volunteer run, fundraising group that organises events where families can Bike Run or Walk with or without their 4-legged friend in the hope of raising money for Non-government or national lottery funded charities.

We have not been able to attend any events is 2020 due to the pandemic that we have faced, but it has not stopped our supporters and volunteers from working hard.

BRoW4 have been really lucky  as a wonderful charity shop called MIND has started donating their unsold cuddly toys to us. When we receive them we check that they don’t need repairing  and place all the cuddlies in the washing machine using non-biological washing powder. Then we hang each one on the washing line to dry. These are then tagged and bagged ready for one of our games that all children love. We are also lucky to have supporters who live nearby who also want to donate their cuddlies in the hope that they will find a new forever home.






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