How you can help BRoW4

Due to this pandemic, lots of people are finding it hard to support charities as well as themselves. And we at BRoW4 can understand that. We are not asking your for money, though it would help us a great deal, but instead join other like minded supporters who want to help us.

We have also noticed that lots more people are buying items on line due to self isolating or that particular business is closed as it is not classed as an essential shop.

So, how can you help BRoW4 which is a non-profit fund raising group without it costing you a penny,? I hear you asking, well here goes,

This idea is FREE , and will only cost you a few moments to register. You will have over 4,400 companies at our finger tips, from grocery to  restaurants and takeaways. Holidays, insurance Utilities  and so much more. All these and more companies donate a percentage of your total to small charities and fundraising groups. Amazon offer a 1.50% donation as no cost to you. At the Poppy Shop which helps the Royal British Legion, I spent £34.14 and they donated £1.71 to BRoW4. And all for shopping with them, at no cost to me. So, why not give it a go, what have you got to loose.

I personally have used  Amazon, Compare the Market, Funky pigeon, Poppy Shop, Moonpig, The Perfume Shop, eBay, and many more. You will find Office stationary shops on there, great if you are doing home schooling or even working from home, fashion and beauty, just because you cant go out and enjoy yourself does not stop you from making yourself feel good about yourself.  Entertainment, everyone needs to relax at the end of the day and the variety of catering and take outs that are available for everyone are amazing. So please check it out, what have you to loose!!!

The pennies are rolling in, and as many of you have heard, look after the pennies and the pound look after themselves.

To register with easyfundraising is very simple go to

Just a suggestion, remove all your shopping icons from your mobile and just keep the easyfundraising icon. If your not sure where to buy the item from still check the internet but I am sure you will find that the shop of your choice will be on easyfundraising as they are adding new business all the time.


Thank you for supporting BRoW4

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